Facts about Barnehurst

  • Barnehurst was formed in 1881 after the sale of land for housing although the area can be traced back in records to the 15th century.

  • The name Barnehurst originates from the family name Barne and the saxon word hurst, meaning a wood or grove.

  • In the 1930's there use to be a Barclays Bank and WH Smith in Midfield Parade.

  • The first school was built in 1926 near Northumberland Heath.

  • The Red Barn pub opened in 1936 and was home to Jazz legend George Webb and the Dixielanders.

  • Several public air raid shelters were built in Barnehurst and some still exists.

  • A local magazine, The Barnehurst Bulletin, ran for 2 years from 1935 to 1937.

  • Martens Grove open air swimming pool was first built in 1933 and was not much more than a muddy lake!

  • Barnehurst is 12.5 miles from Charing Cross.

  • The railway station opened in 1895.

  • Mayplace Road is named after the May Place manor house that was located where the Golf Club is now.

  • Barnehurst Golf Club opened in 1903 and was the world's first ladies golf club.

  • Barnehurst has a population of around 11,000.

  • Delia Smith went to school in nearby Bexleyheath and Benny Hill was a regular visitor to his sister's house near Pinnacle Hill.

  • Barnehurst had a popular Residents Association Club with live bands and music at Parkside Cross/Taunton Close - it was demolished in 1965.

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