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The May Place Estate

An original May Place Estate brochure from the 1930s has been sent in to this website. May Place Estate brochure from the 1930s

The location mentioned is the currently vacant site of Bristol Street Motors in Erith Road opposite Bursted Woods.

Local resident Barry Wheeler sent in the brochure recently and it features photos, maps and advice. The brochure really sums up the surburban developments of the period and also gives us an interesting look at how Barnehurts was marketed by local company W.H Wedlock Ltd Some of the descriptions include;
  • When arriving at Barnehurst station...cross over the stile
  • A semi-detatched house selling for £625
  • Letters from purchasers
  • How hot water was supplied from the dining room fire

PDF It makes interesting viewing and you can download the PDF document here - May Place Estate Brochure (16mb)

More about W H Wedlock

The builders W H Wedlock Ltd established in 1902 at Barrow-in-Furness, moved south in 1915 to maintain the Vickers Estates and stayed to play a major role in the development of Barnehurst. In 1926 W H Wedlock Ltd started building the 'Mayplace Farm' estate based on Oakwood Drive. Their brochure offered a comprehensive range of house and bungalow designs at prices from £495 to £850.

One of the houses for sale on the May Place Estate, BarnehurstTheir next development of Lyndhurst Road, Brantwood Road and Risedale Road started in 1929. Their roads on this and later estates are easily identified, being named after Lake District locations.

By 1932 development south of the railway was well advanced and the developers had moved to the more difficult terrain north of the railway. W H Wedlock Ltd developed the 'Mayplace Estate' between Erith Road and Barnehurst Avenue.

The only new Public House, the Red Barn, was built by Arnolds of Chelmsford in 1936. To the east of Barnehurst Avenue, New Ideal Homesteads Ltd started work on their 'Barnehurst Park Estate'. It was not until after the war that lands of the Normandy and Venners farms were developed.

Do you recognise any of the houses or letters? Feel free to contact this website or discuss on the Messageboard or send comments into;


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