November 2015

With Christmas fast approaching inevitably the housing market takes a slowdown in November and into December with the clocks having changed, the weather getting colder, and people being more concerned about shopping and Christmas parties.

Therefore, as basic economics of supply and demand dictate, moving property becomes a little more difficult. There isn’t as much to choose from if buying or renting, or the properties available are those that haven’t sold over the summer and are sitting on the market either overpriced or with something less desirable about them.

Ironically it can be a good time to buy, or to invest, if you can find something decent because any one that is on the market won’t be getting as much interest, or as many viewings, as during the peak months. Therefore a cheeky offer might just be good enough if you can argue your case accordingly.

So what of Barnehurst? The area itself has seen a steady increase in prices during 2015 as people have been priced out of prime Bexleyheath by the schools, park and shopping centre, but also as outsiders have realised there are bargains to be had.

I would expect steady growth again next year right up until the interest rates rise, which must happen soon.

If you are looking to buy, sell or rent in the area please feel free to get in touch. You might also like to follow my investment blog covering Weling, Bexleyheath and Barnehurst …

Kevin Oakes is the Director of Danson Property Services covering Welling, Bexleyheath and Barnehurst and has lived in the area for all of his life. Why not enquire about your next property move through him.
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